January 16, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life

Hello dear ones, and welcome to 2012! Have you ever made a life list? Things to accomplish in this life...? Here's the one that's been hiding out in my sketchbook:
1. Jump off a rock into the ocean
2. Eat pizza in Naples
3. Lay in a lavender field in Provence (or anywhere!)
4. Own a beautiful 200yr old farm house
5. Make a line of fabric
6. Bathe in hibiscus flowers in Bali
7. Have garden with poppies, daisies, cosmos, crickets & hummingbirds
8. Create an outdoor bathtub/sacred space to bathe in every day of summer
9. Make a strawberry pie from scratch
10. Stay in a yurt on the ocean (accomplished this last week!!)
11. Live out of an airstream for a while... pick up and move wherever/whenever. Set up camp in National Forests, seashores...
12. Climb a mountain
13. Hike the Appalachian Trail
14. Learn to Sew
15. Live in New Zealand
16. Skinny dip (again ;))
17. Learn every constellation recorded
18. Sit in stillness every day for at least one hour
19. Marvel at the Northern Lights
20. See the French Riviera
21. Learn to SURF! 

- - - -

There are sooo many more things in my noggin that I'd love to accomplish. Let's see how many of these I can complete in 2012! 

What's on your list?